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Volunteers Coffee Morning

A clear blue sky, bright sunshine and around 100 people attended the annual mill volunteers coffee morning. Guides and other open day volunteers were instructed. Members were signed up or renewed. Coffee and biscuits were enjoyed. A test mill evacuation was carried out and timed to ensure that we could still get everyone to safety in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Chairman Tom Wye thanked all the volunteers, with special mention of Roger and Kate Osborn for their sterling efforts in the background with the shop. He reminded us all of the educational benefit of the mill, with the post mill capable of processing food, the wind pump capable of raising water, and, still being restored, the new wind engine which will generate electricity. Tom also made an appeal for new volunteers to join the thinning, greying ranks of old-timers.

The winter's hard work repairing the tail pole is now complete and the tail pole has been refitted to the windmill. The pitch of the tail pole and talthur has altered, so the guides queued up to practice and re-acquire the knack required to pull the talthur and lock it into place so as to raise the steps for the mill to be winded.

All the volunteers look forward to welcoming the public to the first open day of the year on Sunday 6 March 2014 at 2.30pm.

A Tail of the Unexpected

Observant passers-by will have noticed that the windmill is currently tail-less. Our team of volunteer millwrights have removed it so that it can be repaired and repainted and it is due to be refitted before the start of the 2014 season.

A Star is Born
Diligent couch potatoes will have seen our very own Peter Casebow, Technical Adviser to the Mill, appearing in his everyday garb, on the BBC's Tudor Monastery Farm, demonstrating the operation of the Windmill.
Carols Round the Fire 2013

396 people were counted enjoying the annual Carols Round the Fire, followed by free hot chocolate and hot mince pies up at High Salvington Windmill, on Friday 20 December, 2013. Many thanks to those who donated generously to the total of £543.08 collected on behalf of St. Barnabas and Chestnut Tree House Hospices.

Arrivals and Departures

The Annual General Meeting was held in St. Peter's Church on 3rd June. Ann Lynn and Jeffrey Best both retired from the Board. Councillor Graham Fabes and Colin Knappitt both stood down, under our three-year rule, but stood for reelection with both being reelected by members. We welcomed David Start who was elected onto the Board and is to be the new Company Secretary. Val Sutton retired as Chairman, but remains a Director. The mantle of Chairman passes to Councillor Major Tom Wye.

Before stepping down, Val had the pleasant duty of thanking Ann Lynn, in her absence, for her contribution to the Board for many years and her service as former Chairman, former catering organiser, Jean Davis, who is moving out of the area, and retiring Secretary, Jeffrey Best. With thanks and presentations made, members were entertained and informed by the reports of Treasurer Colin Knappitt and Technical Advisor Peter Casebow before voting to adopt the annual report and accounts. An interval for tea and biscuits was followed by a fascinating lecture by popular speaker Mark Perry-Nash on, "In the Footsteps of the Legions".

Plane Sailing?
Measuring the timber before cuttting the whips. Cutting the whips.

Visitors this year may have noticed the growing bulk, skulking at the end of the mill field underneath blue tarpaulins, and asked themselves, what we are up to? The answer is that a small group of our volunteers are helping out West Blatchington Windmill, by building them a new set of sails. The laminated larch whips were cut at Wenban-Smith in Worthing in May, and since their arrival on site, our volunteers have been busy working on them and making up the sailbars and other components.

Drilling the mortices. Two holes drilled ready for the mallet and chisel. Cutting the mortices involved procuring a £50 drill bit to be used in a drill aligned with the sailbars emerging from one of the old whips, removed from West Blatchington Windmill by volunteers from Jill Mill at Clayton, and brought to High Salvington to be used as a template for the replacement. With two holes drilled, partway through from each side, Peter and Roy then resorted to mallet and chisel to cut away the remaining wood and square up the mortices. Chipping away the remaining wood to square up the mortices.

With mortices cut, the team moved on to cutting the sailbars, with tenons to fit into the mortices of the whips, the hemlaths and uplongs. The work continues and it is hoped that the new sails will be ready for the Jill Mill volunteers to take them over and install them in West Blatchington Windmill before the end of the 2011 season.

Mothers Free Open Day

Sunday 3rd April marked two special occasions. Firstly, it was our first open day of the 2011 season and, secondly, it was also Mothering Sunday. In honour of the latter, our Board decided that all Mothers accompanied by children should be allowed free entry into the mill. Look out for Fathers Free Open Day on 19th June!

Carol Singers Raise £303.17 For St. Barnabas

On a chilly evening in December an annual tradition unfolds at High Salvington Windmill. In 2010 it began on the morning of Friday 17th December, with the volunteers who have restored and now maintain the windmill cutting out a circle of turf near the recently restored Glynde Wind Pump. Assorted lengths of wood collected by the volunteers or donated by local businesses are then used to build a bonfire. Meanwhile, other volunteers are hanging up the fairy lights and installing floodlights. Later in the day, boxes of mince pies are delivered and safely ensconced in the kitchen and the portable barbecue grill is wheeled into position by the granary.

Evening falls and as members of the public start to arrive they are greeted by a cluster of volunteers at the gate. Former mayor, Major Tom Wye, representing St. Barnabas and Chestnut Tree House hospices, hands out carol sheets and some literature about the hospices, while the other volunteers pass out a welcome slip prepared by the newly established Archive team who have taken over the refurbished gatehouse where they are collecting, collating and cataloguing the artefacts and documents that represent much of the windmill's history. Directed towards the bonfire, now blazing cheerily, the visitors begin to assemble. Peter Hill arrives. Peter is responsible for looking after West Blatchington Windmill in Hove and is a driving force behind the Sussex Mills Group that brings together and provides advice and assistance to all those people who are interested in working to preserve the wind and water mills of Sussex. Peter, a familiar face to many at the windmill, is our master of ceremonies for the evening. At 7.15pm, Peter introduces Tom, who thanks the assembled crowd and entreats them to fill the collecting buckets later on for the benefit of St. Barnabas hospices appeal. Then the first carol is led by Peter and the crowd, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, join in. The keen ones have remembered to wrap up warmly and bring a lantern or torch, so that they can read the words to the carols.

With 270 people clustered around the roaring bonfire, giving carol requests to Peter Hill who directs the assembly to the correct page before leading the singing, the frost is barely noticed. Those who comment do so to recall last year's deep snow, which put off some older visitors, but this year, despite snow beyond Worthing, many have enthusiastically ventured out to enjoy the atmosphere pf singing carols around the fire. Once the entire carol booklet has been plundered for carols to sing, and the children have performed their special versions of particular favourites, the singers collect cups of hot chocolate and warm mince pies, while the collectors mingle with them shaking buckets. This year, despite a turnout still slightly reduced by the prevalence of snow, the visitors contributed £303.17 to the St. Barnabas and Chestnut Tree House hospices. Another successful evening draws to a close and the mill has thanked local people for their support with the bonfire and free refreshments, and they have enjoyed themselves while helping our local hospices in their vital contribution to the community.

Of course, while for the visitors, that is it for another year, for the volunteers that isn't the end. They have to monitor the fire until it is safe to leave. They have to trawl the field picking up the odd item of litter that has found its way onto the grass. (Most of our visitors are very responsible, and they dispose of unwanted items in the bins provided, but accidents happen and the odd item is inadvertently dropped). The volunteers have to pack up the floodlights and take down the fairy lights. The Treasurer has to count the money and send it to St. Barnabas. Days later, the volunteers are again back at the mill field, and curious passers-by will see volunteers hunched over the circle of ash picking out all the old nails, screws, hinges and other iron-mongery that was attached to the donated wood used on the fire. Once the circle has been purged of unwanted scrap, the soil is loosened and the previously removed turves are carefully unrolled and restored to place. Provided there aren't too many weeks of frost and snow after the carol singing, so that the turf can be promptly restored, the circle of grass will have been fully restored by the time the windmill is opened for the first open day of the new season on the first Sunday in April.

It only remains for the Mill Trust to thank all of those who helped organise, attended and contributed to our traditional Christmas fund-raising entertainment and pass on the thanks of St. Barnabas and Chestnut Tree House hospices for the money donated.

High Salvington Mill Trust was very pleased to welcome Mary Stewart's family to the windmill field in March 2008 so that they could scatter her ashes.

Festival of British Composers #3

The Angmering Chorale
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Arundel Cathedral

Will Todd Passion Music
John Rutter Requiem

Christmas Concert

The Angmering Chorale
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Sat. 12th December 2020


The Angmering School

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